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Most men do NOT want to meet with someone about their personal issues. 
I get it.  That's why, I've made this easy for you to DIY.

 The 1/2 - Hour Power™ Workshops 

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These workshops are for YOU if you:

  • Are often anxious or stressed

  • Battle with your mental health

  • Want to stop feeling resentful

  • Want more from your marriage

  • Want a better sex life

  • Have thoughts you want to get rid of

  • Simply want to feel better about life

  • Hesitate to meet with a coach/therapist

Coming Soon

This is powerful help designed to noticeably improve your life 1/2-hour at a time.

You've put your better life on hold long enough. 

Help is here in a brand-new way.

Help for Your Mental Life: it affects everything else

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Hi, I'm Coach Mimi and I'm passionate about helping men create better lives and marriages.

  • My clients have “checked the box” for most of what they want in life, yet they feel more stuck than fulfilled. 

  • From the outside their life looks amazing, but they secretly feel burdened and resentful on a regular basis.

Does this describe you?

  • Do you believe you should feel more satisfied with your life and relationships, but don't?

  • Do you feel stuck and disempowered?

  • Are you ready to stop suffering?

  • I've got the answers you've been looking for.

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