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What If...Brains Love Questions?

If you're wondering why I generally start my posts with "What If?" here's why.

I believe our brains are more receptive to new ideas when they're presented as a question rather than as a statement.

I suppose this belief comes from having a few "debaters" in my family (whom I love, of course). They trained me to expect that if I present a new idea as a statement, their brains will quickly question it. However, if I present it as a question to begin with, they are more open to being curious about it and possibly even accept it.

That's what I'm doing here; I'm presenting some ideas that are likely new to you. I'm hoping your brain will be open to exploring them and see how they might bless your life like they have mine.

You'll find lots of questions in my posts. I hope you'll get your brain to answer them. Your future self will surely be grateful to you.

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