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What If...It Actually Empowers YOU to Agree With People?

When you're discouraged about a relationship you're probably not eager to agree with the other person. There's generally a tendency to withhold agreeing so that we don't give the other person more power.

But it's actually a gift of empowerment you give to yourself and the relationship when you can find things you agree on.

But only if you actually do agree, of course. We're not talking about pretending to agree.

Where is the other person right? Focus on that rather than where they're wrong.

Find the common ground.

You'll likely be surprised at how much empowerment you feel.

Finding common ground is like dropping the tug-of-war rope.

What good is that rope doing anyway? It's probably just creating more conflict.

A relationship is much easier to improve when you're coming from some common ground.

  • What ropes are you holding tightly to in your relationship? Why?

  • Is holding on to them getting you closer to the life you want?

  • What's stopping you from dropping them and finding common ground?

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